Horsforth Newlaithes


Summer Term


Friday 14th June 2024


Dear Parents and Carers,

Trip to Skelton Grange – shh!!! don’t tell the kids the details

Next week the children will all go on their first ever trip from school. This is a very exciting time. We will be preparing them next week.

The trip is a science trip in essence and the children will be exploring mini beasts, plants and den making. We always like a hook for learning so that it is meaningful. With this in mind, we will be travelling to Skelton Grange as our imaginary community characters. Once we get there, we will travel on a ship. This will be so that we can find a new location to finally escape the goblins! We keep getting rid of the goblins but the children bring them back every time. They love the drama and excitement. At the moment the goblins are loose and with their crow messengers, they are wreaking havoc.  They have captured many of the Fairytale Land characters and also started to steal the children’s favourite things like their teddies. We think this is to try to trap the children too.

On a serious note, this imaginary world creates wonderful, intrinsically motivating reasons to learn about all kinds of things and also to spark lots of creative writing. The children like writing letters and community news. We are using the community to find out about how people used to wash clothes before electricity. Please do not tell the children how this happened as this will be revealed through community work. What you can tell the children is where electricity comes from. We have got as far as wires, plugs and pylons but no one knows how the electricity is made before it travels through the wires and pylons. Have a look and see what you can discover. J

For the trip, the children will need:

  • a packed lunch (with no nuts due to allergies) and a drink
  • clothes appropriate for the weather and exploring areas with possible nettles and brambles
  • trainers
  • sun cream already applied – once a day sun cream is ideal so that the children do not need to re-apply during the day

Adults who are helping will also need all of the above.

The children will come to school at the normal time.

When we come back to school, we will come back to class and the children will be seen home safely as normal through the classroom doors. Please do not collect your child from the coach.

History – more learning about the past!

The children have enjoyed sharing their baby photos and guessing who they are. This led to a great chat about changes. Can your child tell you how they have changed over time since they were a baby?

ILT and astounding characteristics!

I can only say wow! It is absolutely mindblowing how these children have progressed in ILT this year. The children are so independent and every child this week has had a challenge they have worked on and persevered with. The quality of the work, the attitude to being challenged, the happiness to persevere and try new approaches is quite simply phenomenal. Obviously, we believe so fervently in children’s immense capabilities but we never cease to be astounded by the progress the children make in Reception and the standards they achieve. They will go from strength to strength as they progress with this key aspect of their education as they move through school. Imagine what they will be capable of by Year 6!

What has your child done this week that was tricky for them? How did they feel about being challenged? Why is being challenged important to them?

ILT parent and child session

The last session for this academic year is now Friday 28th June, 9-11am. Please email Elizabeth to request a place for this session.

Growing and potatoes!

Last week we harvested the potatoes we grew and then Tina cooked them for us. We air fried them and the children ate them. They were delicious and it was nice for the children to all eat something which they grew and looked after. J

Guinea Pigs – care over the weekends and summer break

We have available slots from the weekend of the 5th July and the summer break. Often parents share the guinea pigs over the summer break. Please email if you can have them for a weekend or a week over summer. The children love them and caring for them over a holiday is great experience for them.

Reading next week and final assessments

We are conducting some final assessments in reading and writing before we write our final Tapestry summaries and provide you with your child’s exit data from Reception. With this in mind, and due to the trip, we will not hear readers next week. Regarding writing, each child needs to be able to write a sentence which can be read by others, using the correct spelling of digraphs and trigraphs. This can be practised at home too. J

Maths and My Money Week

It has been an exciting week. We have had an assembly with lots of discussion about money. We have explored money a lot, looking at coins, notes and cards. We have discussed earning money and how we store it, including banks and online banking. We talked about earning money. Some children earn money for chores and so we talked about where you can keep it and what you might spend it on or save it for. It is strange for our children as physical money is not seen often so it is a nice idea to let them have some by earning it so they can understand its worth and how to take care of it. These are useful life skills.

DT resources and outdoor resources

We are continuing to collect for the DT area but we would also love some outdoor open ended resources too. Do you have any piping, crates, safe pallets, tyres, plant pots, compost, seeds or bulbs that you do not want? If so, please let us know. J

Thanks so much for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

The Reception Team