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Week 5

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The weeks are whizzing by! 

This week in Year 5 we have been busy extending their learning about angles and shapes. Today we had fun working in pairs to work out some tricky angle word problems. We took on the challenge of teaching each other and supporting everyone so they would achieve. We have also had a go at making some quadrilaterals with our carefully measured card. We realised that we could make some shapes but not others. 


We have also finished completed our geography topic on North America this week. TO check our learning we did a really fun Kahoot quiz! Mrs Ellis was the quiz master and the children played along on ipads. Everyone did really well and loved a different way to assess our learning.


Summer 1 week 4 - what a week!

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We have had so much fun this week in Year 5! We have made and tested parachutes to investigate the effects of air resistance, been on a littler picking adventure as part of our literacy work on plastic pollution and enjoyed a visit from the daughter of a WWII refugee. It was a real privilege to listen to Judith Rhodes speak about her mother's journey to England from Germany and the hardships she faced. We were shocked at the size of the tiny suitcase she brought with her. We are ready for the weekend after a jam packed week of fun. Enjoy the sunshine.


Summer Term 1 Week 3

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It has been another busy week in year 5! The children definitely needed the weekend to recover after the excitement of our fantastic residential. (More photographs to follow)

This week we have started our new literacy topic all about single use plastic. We have researched facts about plastic use and the children have been shocked to discover the impact of plastic on marine animals, for example, 100,000 marine mammals and turtles are killed annually. We have thought about how to appeal to people to stop using single use plastic and how we can reduce our use in school too. Over the next few weeks, we are planning to write persuasive speeches and contact Stuart Andrew to see if any changes can be made to our community.

We enjoyed exploring angles in maths both in the classroom and outdoors. We even found angles in Olympic sports!

With the change in weather, it is finally time to plant our sunflower seeds ready to observe and monitor over time. We are also planning to plant a variety of different vegetable seeds - any donations would be gratefully received.


Summer term 1 Week 1

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We have kicked off this half term by studying Macbeth in literacy.

The children have embraced it and taken on the challenge to work with Shakespearean language! 

We have looked at pictures to give us hints about the plot line and made predictions about the play. We have done some excellent drama re-enactments of key scenes and are looking forward to more drama and writing extra parts of the play!


Week 5

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There is never a dull moment in Year 5. This week we have been lucky enough to take part in a Zoom call with a holocaust survivor. The lady kindly shared her harrowing story with us and it was really emotional. The children have written some incredible stories which some of them shared with Year one this week. Eucalyptus went on a measuring mission as part of a science experiment. Monkey Puzzle will be doing this after Easter. We hope you all have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you after the Easter hols!              

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