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Welcome to this week's blog.

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It's been another busy week in Year 6 - we have started learning our Christmas songs so now the weather is turning colder we can feel more festive. You will find a link on our class page (right at the top in tiny font) to the lyrics and musical accompaniment for each song.

In art this week we have looked at the work of an artist called Roy Lichtenstein, ask us about him and his art and the techniques that he is famous for. We have also been looking at life in Ancient Greece and thinking about the part that they played in bringing democracy (one of our curriculum drivers) to the world. We had a look at what democracy looked like in Ancient Greece and compared it to what democracy looks like here in Britain today - ask us what our thoughts are!

This week's awards in Maple went to Yusuf and Josh and a special mention went to Anouska for her fantastic winning design for our new school logo - well done guys!

In Redwood our awards went to Isla for her great participation in reading sessions this week, Eddie for being an all round 'good egg' and such a kind friend to others and finally Lucy for showing great willingness to give things a go this week - great stuff!

What's been happening this week in Year 6.

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Welcome to our second weekly blog. It has been another busy week for Redwood and Maple. This week we have been continuing to base our writing around the book Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy. The children have been writing a short description about an airship, thinking carefully about how to expand their descriptions. We've also been studying geometry in our maths lessons. For Maple parents, ask your children how picturing Mrs A completing a bungee jump may have helped with their understanding of co-ordinates! We have been continuing to develop our skills in art, with our lettering and this has been the basis of this week's homework.

Next week we are looking forward to beginning our work based on The Odyssey, which will tie in with our history study of Ancient Greece. 

Science visitor and Big Draw Day!

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It's been a busy week in Year 6. The week started with a visit from Dr Millar, who came into class to talk to us about the circulatory system as well as showing us a pig's heart! We were able to watch a video on how blood travels around our bodies and also had the opportunity to learn more about what the heart looks like inside. We also got the chance to touch the heart at the end of the lesson. Talk to us about why the left side of the heart is thicker than the right, and what our white blood cells do to help us.

On Friday we took part in Big Draw Day. We focussed on drawing and our work was linked to one of our curriculum drivers, Democracy. We looked at buildings that have a link to democracy before creating a line drawing of it. Have a look at some of our pieces of work. Let us know what you think.

Mrs Atcheson and Mrs McKenzie



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Our first blog post - how exciting!

This is the place where you can have a little insight into what's been happening in Year 6 each week so be sure to check in regularly.

We have had a very busy start to the half term already.

This week we have been showing off our learning about Sikhism through our project work - we have been using our learning to learn skills of collaboration, compromise and resilience. When we have finished them we will post some pictures here.

We have also really enjoyed learning all about the Early Islamic civilisation and all of the wonderous developments that they made that still affect our lives today. We also found out about the Silk Road and its importance at that time. Ask us to tell you some of the things we have found out about.

We have also started the book Brightstorm, written by Vashti Hardy, which we will be using to inspire some of our writing this half term - look out for some examples in future blog posts.