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We're off to see the wizard!

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We hope you have all had a lovely week. It's been another busy one for the children in Maple and Redwood. 

The girls enjoyed their final rugby session with Ellis and the Leeds Rhinos. They all look like they have had a great time, learning new skills! In science Redwood continued to learn about adaptation in their lessons with Mrs Atcheson whilst Maple enjoyed their gymnastics session with Mrs McKenzie. Some photos are below.


Both classes continued with their biomes work. Maple were finishing off their 'biomes in a bottle' drawings, and Redwood began writing double page spreads to show their learning. 

Our week culminated in auditions for our end of year production of The Wizard of Oz. We were blown away by the talent that was on display which included singing and acting. We are always so impressed with the confidence shown by the Y6 children when they audition and this year was no different. The children who auditioned will find out their roles in the coming days, before rehearsals begin next half term.

Well done to those children who took part in the cricket tournament on Thursday, finishing second overall. The children who come to netball club on Tuesdays also enjoyed playing against some of the teachers this week, to help them prepare for their second match!

Please remember to order Leavers hoodies if you would like one, as well as letting the company know if you want your child's name on them. Also, please remember to email the reception photos of your children to both Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Atcheson. 

Congratulations to Harry and Charlie from Maple, and Jacob and Jess from Redwood who received the Well Done awards this week.

Have a lovely weekend. Let's hope the sun shines!

Mrs Atcheson and Mrs McKenzie

SATs week has been and gone...

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The Year 6 children embarked on their SATs journey this week and they were AMAZING!!

Lots of them enjoyed their SATs cafe breakfast and this set them up each day with full bellies and an opportunity to 'chill out' with their friends before the tests started. We would like to say a massive thank you to Tina, our cook, who was here every morning bright and early to get it all prepared and to the rest of the kitchen staff who helped to clean up afterwards.

The children approached each test with such calmness and maturity and worked so hard. They are a credit to you and we are so proud of them. 

We hope they all have a good rest this weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

It'll be no surprise that our well done awards this week went to both classes for their amazing efforts.

Well done Year 6!

Mrs Mckenzie and Mrs Atcheson.

Another busy week!

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Hi everyone,

It's been another busy week in Maple and Redwood classes. We have been revising ahead of next week's tests and the children continue to impress us with their efforts. It's also been so lovely to see the children so happy with their own achievements.

In science, the children finished their 'Battle of the Beaks' investigation, as part of their Evolution and Adaptation topic. They reached some interesting conclusions about which beaks were best and worst at picking up small and large seeds, and worms!


      Adaptation and Evolution

The Y6 girls enjoyed their first rugby session with Ellis from Leeds Rhinos this week too. In PE Maple continued with their outdoor athletics whilst Redwood enjoyed a golf lesson. Quite a few Y6 pupils also attended cricket at lunchtime ahead of a tournament in a few weeks.

        Redwood's golf lesson

Maple finished the week with some treasure hunts in arithmetic and SPaG, making the most of the nice weather. Mrs Atcheson was particularly impressed with Joshua who was able to work out her age in minutes, especially after Mrs A had to google the answer for herself!



This week, Redwood have been looking at mechanisms, making fairground rides using lego, which proved to be a lot of fun!


We hope the children have a lovely, restful weekend and get some early nights next week. The end is in sight Year 6! Remember, SATs cafe is open on Monday and children can come early, even if they aren't having breakfast at school. See you then!

Mrs Atcheson and Mrs McKenzie

What a week!

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This week has been super busy and the Year 6 children have been preparing for their SATs tests in a few weeks time by having a go at doing some tests in different areas around the school and getting used to the adults that will be available to help them when they can. They have been absolute superstars and we are so proud of them all. 

The children were also given the news this week that our end of year performance will be a production based on the film 'The Wizard of Oz'. This is a brilliant show with lots of opportunities for singing and dancing and some of the children are already preparing songs and scripts for their auditions. There are parts for everyone who wants one and jobs for those that don't want to be on stage to do too so everyone will be involved in one way or another We can't wait to get started! We will watch the film at the end of SATs week so that the children get an idea of what happens if they haven't seen it already and we will be giving more details nearer the time about dates etc.

We would like to say a huge well done to Ivan and Kallum from Maple and Oscar and George Roberts from Redwood for their fantastic efforts and for being awarded their certificates in assembly this week. Brilliant stuff boys.

Final term, here we go!

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Hi everyone,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Easter. We were so please to see all the children back, refreshed and eager to start their final term at Newlaithes. Information about end of year activities have been sent out last week, so please make sure the office have up to date details for you all. We also sent out information about Whitby too last week, as well as information about our SATs cafe which will be held every morning during SATs week (wb 9th May) so keep your eyes peeled on those messages. Let the office know if you haven't received these.

The children were very busy last week, continuing their WW2 topic in history. Redwood were looking at how propaganda was used during the war, and Maple have continued to find out about how Jewish people were treated. In all of these lessons, we have continued to develop our skills in oracy. 

Maple class spent their week finishing their maths topic on angles, including calculating missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. They also continued to research their chosen biome ahead of creating their biome in a bottle which Redwood have been working on. 

PE - Redwood continued with their gymnastics while Maple began working on their athletics skills outside. 

Redwood did brilliantly during the week when they were asked to take part in some tests, to help the question makers work out if their questions were suitable. It was an intensive morning but Mrs McKenzie was incredibly proud of how well all the children worked, and provided valuable feedback to the question setters! 

Well done to those children who received the Well Done Awards on Friday. Liliana and Max in Maple class, as well as Lucy, Leyla and George in Redwood. 

Mrs Atcheson and Mrs McKenzie

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