Horsforth Newlaithes


The governors, Head Teacher and school staff have a shared vision for the children in our care and we all play our part in ensuring that a wide range of opportunities and experiences are available. At the centre of our vision is effective and engaging teaching, good role modelling and a strong and supportive pastoral system in place to develop the skills, knowledge, resourcefulness and qualities young people will need in the next stage of their lives.

Our children will have high aspirations both in terms of academic achievement and as good citizens. Through an engaging and well delivered curriculum children will have a love of learning and a curiosity to find out more. Newlaithes values will provide the foundation for children to develop positive relationships, the skills to make informed decisions, open-mindedness and respect for others. They will leave us aspiring to be the best they can be with skills that will serve them well for the future and values that will help them to lead happy and rewarding lives.