Horsforth Newlaithes


Our ethos and vision



Within a safe and supportive environment, Newlaithes offers positive, rich experiences for all its pupils in order to promote a love for learning to carry through life. Children are engaged in learning that excites and stimulates their imagination and this is done in a variety of ways which include play, investigation, listening, speaking, observing and participating. Children are encouraged to take as much responsibility as possible for their own learning and key skills such as cooperation, resilience and problem solving are promoted throughout a broad and balanced curriculum. Underpinning these skills, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is paramount and high expectations in behaviour are expected and promoted.

We encourage children and adults alike to see themselves as successful individuals through the promotion of a growth mindset philosophy. Children are quickly accustomed to reviewing how they learn and whether they have sufficiently challenged themselves through the use of Learning Lines and Learning Reviews.

To support children to be the best they can be, we place great emphasis on positive relationships; between staff and pupils as well as between home and school. When we feel connected, we thrive; a firm bedrock for success, academically and holistically. We are strongly committed to help all children to succeed. We aim to identify barriers to learning and support individuals to achieve their full intellectual, physical and emotional potential, regardless of ability, race, culture, gender or social background.



At Newlaithes we want all pupils to be safe, happy, successful and confident. We strive to achieve this through providing a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum.

In order to achieve this, the core principles and non-negotiables of our practice are:

Every child has the right to learn

  • · Classrooms and corridors are high quality, exciting learning environments.
  • · Good behaviour allows all children to learn and feel safe.
  • · Respect permeates everything we do.
  • · Every moment is a learning moment.
  • · All adults in school are involved in helping children learn.

Every child has a voice

  • · Questions are asked of all children and all children are given the opportunity to answer.
  • · Every answer is valued.
  • · Every child has the right to be heard.

We strive for all pupils to learn more and know more

  • · Adults know where each child is at in their learning through ongoing assessment: observation, marking & discussion with the child.
  • · Use of open-ended questions help gauge children’s understanding and feeds into the assessment process.
  • · Subsequent planning is altered as soon as possible to accommodate this assessment.
  • · Marking and feedback is constructive and timely and helps progress learning.