Horsforth Newlaithes


Our School Vision

Newlaithes is a special place with children at the heart of everything we do. Here at Newlaithes, we aspire for all our children to develop into caring and compassionate young people who embrace the ever-changing world around them; thrive in the areas they love; learn to overcome adversity and reach their full potential. Through our curriculum drivers we celebrate diversity, community, democracy and the environment, threading these themes through the children’s learning to enable them to become more rounded individuals as they journey through school. We aim to inspire children to love learning at a young age knowing this is key to becoming a life-long learner. Children are engaged in learning that excites and stimulates their imagination and this is done in a variety of ways which include play, investigation, listening, speaking, observing and participating. Children have opportunities to drive their own learning and our broad and balanced curriculum provides them with a platform to both enjoy learning and to succeed. A host of enrichment opportunities enhance our curriculum and inspire the children to explore new opportunities. We aspire to work collectively with children, families, staff and other professionals to deliver this vision and enable our children to develop into successful members of society.

By demonstrating and teaching the values below we are able to provide the necessary support and feedback to all pupils as they strive to succeed.









We firmly believe that this acronym can also be linked to PRAISE because Positive Reinforcement Always Inspires Children’s Excellence. We have high expectations of children and praise them accordingly when they meet these expectations. Sitting alongside this, the culture of inclusivity at Newlaithes makes it possible for everyone to succeed. Children who struggle to meet these expectations will always receive the support they require to be successful, regardless of their ability, race, gender, religion social background or disability.