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This Week in Year 4

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What a tremendous week it has been in Year 4, kicking off with the Brownlee Triathlon on Monday. The children did themselves proud as they all completed all three disciplines and had great fun in the process. What a credit they are to the school!

Next week, we will be using this experience as the basis for a playscript, something we have been looking at over the past week. The children have enjoyed digging deep into playscripts to learn about the features as well as enjoying reading them and acting them out in front of their peers. Who knew we had such a fine array of acting talent?

In maths we have continued our work on decimals and we will be following this up with some work on money. If you are visiting any local shops, it may be an idea to let your child pay with cash to make sure they understand the value of coins and notes.

We have begun to practise our song for the Queen's jubilee and it is sounding fantastic. Please make sure your child learns the words so they are perfect on the big day which is Friday 27th May. On the day, the children will need to wear something red, white or blue and bring some snacks for the afternoon picnic.

As ever, thank you for your support and we look forward to rounding off the half-term in style!

David, Jo and Jane.

This week in Year 4

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Hello Willow and Acacia parents and carers,

What a busy and brilliant week it has been in Year 4. Where to begin...?

This week, the children have been tasked with writing their own imaginative ending to the story of The Princess and The Pea. Having read the very amusing version of the book written by Lauren Child, we invited the children to employ all of their learning from our literacy lessons and tell us how the story really ends! We were really impressed by the children's creative writing; some super vocabulary used and a real sense of adventure shone through. It is vitally important that, as we near the end of Year 4, the children proof read and edit their writing to check for missing words and punctuation, and spelling errors.  The children are given opportunities to peer mark one another's work giving 'a star and a wish' and they are getting really good at this.

Although we are no longer setting weekly spellings for the children to learn, spelling is still a big priority across school. In addition to the words listed on this week's homework slip, please can you see if your child can spell the following high frequency words which are often misspelt: saw, who, with, went, which, were, where. Many thanks for your support.

In maths we have continued to study decimals and have been comparing, ordering and rounding them. Does your child know what ascending and descending order means? Can they write four decimals (such as 11.31, 0.54, 0.32, 8.12) and order them using this terminology?

In art, we have finished crafting our Megan Coyle inspired collage backgrounds using magazine snippets, and are now working on our bold images of food or animals which will be stuck on top. The children have enjoyed creating a piece of 3D artwork using colour palettes, and have created some really effective pieces which we shall look forward to showing you very soon.

In science, we have started to study teeth. How many teeth does an adult human have? How many different types of human teeth are there? Maybe your child can remember from our lesson...

The Brownlee Triathlon! On Monday 16th May, we shall be departing school at noon and returning at 4pm. Please ensure your child has a change of clothing (this need not be uniform) and a water bottle. We are delighted that all 61 of our Year 4 pupils will be participating in what promises to be a really enjoyable sporting event (look out for photos on Twitter next week).

We hope that you have a good weekend.

Jane, Jo and David

w/b 2nd May

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Another busy week in year 4! We are lucky to have a specialist teacher delivering our music lessons this half term. The children are learning about tempo and dynamics through studying the piece, “The Little Train of the Caipira” by the Brazilian musician Heitor Villa-Lobos. The children are really enjoying participating in these sessions and this week developed their learning by using the terms accelerando and rallentando. They demonstrated their understanding of tempo by using percussion instruments to create their own mini piece. Can they remember which means to speed up and which is slow down?

Our history lesson was learning about Romans roads and which cities they linked together. The children used a key to decode the Roman names and drew on a map where the roads were built. They also enjoyed thinking about cities they knew with Roman origins by thinking about the endings “caster” “chester” or “cester” in them.

Acacia enjoyed their swimming session this week while Willow developed their skills in long distance running. We thought about the differences between sprinting and long distance and how important pacing is. They soon got the hang of beating how many cones they could pass in a given time through pacing rather than trying to sprint a long distance. 

We also got creative and started our collages this week. The children picked a colour and searched through magazines to find different shades to create a background for their work. They thought carefully about if the piece they had chosen belonged in the same colour pallet.

Many thanks to the people who have already responded to the text that went out about helping with our sewing project next half term. If any more parents, carers or grandparents would be interested in coming in to school to assist, then we would love to hear from you. Only basic sewing expertise required! These sessions will take place on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jo, Jane and David

Another Great Week in Year 4!

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Well, another week done and yet more fantastic work and effort from our children!

We have continued to read 'The Princess & The Pea' and this has led to some excellent sentence construction. Over the coming week, we will be producing an alternative ending to the story which takes a different direction and should lead to some really creative writing.

In maths, we have continued to focus on decimals and the children showed great resilience when things got tricky to convert hundredths into decimals.

In science, the children had fun drawing around each other and labelling the parts of the digestive system, where we looked in more detail at how each part functions and why it is so important.

It was nice to see better weather and the children enjoyed learning about different ways to move with the ball in football. There was some good dribbling on display and the children impressed with their drag backs. Some even managed a 'Cruyff turn'!

It was good to see Willow returning to Aireborough to swim - please note it is Acacia's turn next.

As ever, thanks for all your support and we look forward to another wonderful week!

David, Jane and Jo.

Welcome back!

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Hello Acacia and Willow parents and carers,

It has been really lovely seeing the children this week and finding out all about their Easter breaks. The children have come back to school well rested and ready to learn which is amazing as we have a full and exciting summer term ahead of us. For information about our new topics this half term, please see the Year 4 newsletter which will be emailed to you this afternoon.

This week we have begun to learn about how the human body digests food. The homework task is related to this subject; I wonder if your child can tell you how we made a poo (!) in science? And can they remember what the stomach produce to help break down food?

Our first 'invasion games' topic in PE is football. We have impressed upon the children the need to develop our ball skills in addition to 'playing matches' as was the will of lots of boys! It was great to see every child joining in and enjoying being back on the field. We shall further develop our ball skills when we move on to learning to play netball in a few week's time.

Can your child tell you who Megan Coyle is? We have started to learn about her in our art lessons and this week we appraised six pieces of her artwork. We look forward to using her style to inspire our own collage creations.

Swimming will resume next Thursday with Willow going first.

Please note that school has changed its approach to the teaching and learning of spellings. Your child will no longer receive weekly spellings as part of their homework. For further information please see letter from Mr Rowney (emailed this week).

Many thanks for your continued support. We hope you have a great weekend. 

Jane, Jo and David.

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