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This week

Andrew Rowney (admin) on: Year 4 blog

The children in year 4 have been working hard on their wonderful DT projects. They have been learning all about pneumatics and have worked together to create some fabulous moving monsters!

We have also been using gibbon to develop our coding skills. The children learnt about selection and IF statements, then created their own backgrounds, inserted characters and inputted their own IF statement. You can logon to purple mash at home if you want to show someone your new coding skills!

The children have also been working brilliantly in Maths where they have been learning all about perimeter. They have shown that they have retained a lot of previous learning as we talked about the properties of rectangles. Tell someone at home what makes a shape a rectangle. How can these properties help us to work out the perimeter of a rectangle?

This Week In Year 4

Andrew Rowney (admin) on: Year 4 blog

This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we looked at how we treat others and designed some posters to show the key things to look out for. 

In science, we discovered how electricity works and constructed a series of circuits, predicting which ones would light a bulb and why. 

We also discovered where the most active volcanoes in the world are by finding them on maps and found out how they make up the 'ring of fire'.

It was also time to get creative in DT as we began to use our understanding of pneumatics to design a moving monster which we will begin to construct next week.

Big draw day

Andrew Rowney (admin) on: Year 4 blog

We really enjoyed our Big Draw day activities today! We did some warm up activities where the children studied an object and then drew it with their eyes closed, used their non dominant hand to draw and turned a scribble into a drawing. We also enjoyed doodling, drawing a portrait of someone in our school community and drawing what community meant to us. We looked at different logos from our local community and used those to inspire our final pieces of art. We look forward to seeing our final collaboration on display! 

Welcome to our new Year 4 Blog!

Andrew Rowney (admin) on: Year 4 blog

Hello everyone and welcome to our Year 4 Blog! Here we go with a new and action packed half term in Year 4.

So far this week we have already...

Explored how tectonic plates move using whipped cream and biscuits, in our geography lesson - can your child tell you how they are related to volcanoes?

Learnt a few fundamentals about how to hold and travel with a rugby ball in our session with Leeds Rhinos' coach, Matt - can your child remember how many points of contact are required in a one and two handed grip?

Helped to redevelop our new wildflower meadow site opposite the school site by digging and measuring sunlight in this area - which activity did your child participate in?

Talked about Friends and Family in our Mindmate Monday lesson and discussed what makes a healthy relationship - can your child remember some of the attributes that they thought of?

We very much look forward to sharing our learning with you each week in this blog. Please see our Year 4 newsletter for information about this half term: key learning and diary dates.

Jane, Jo & David