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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindsets

This week's ethos statement is: 

I can learn from my mistakes.  I know that ‘failure is the key to success’

This is crucial, not only to school’s work but in everything we do! It would be very helpful if parents, too, adopted a ‘growth mindset’ attitude and choice of language when discussing school work with their children:



I’m not good at this

What am I missing?

I give up

I’ll use a different strategy

It’s good enough

Is this really my best work?

I can’t make this any better

I can always improve

This is too hard

This may take some time

I made a mistake

Mistakes help me learn

I just can’t do this

I am going to train my brain

I’ll never be that smart

I will learn how to do this

Plan A didn’t work

There is always Plan B

My friend can do it

I will learn from them

We want parents to join with us in really valuing and learning from errors and mistakes.

It is important to learn that through making mistakes, the best learning takes place. We want everyone to show resilience: keeping going even when you have made mistakes. We want everyone to work together to solve problems to overcome challenges. Watch this space on how the classes progress!