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w/c 9.5.22

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We've been busy, busy, busy this week preparing for our final piece in our writing unit based on 'The Street Beneath My Feet'. We have researched, made notes and planned our information all about 'The Space Above My Face'. We're really looking forward to reading all of your final pieces next week!

In maths, we have continued to look at fractions and have been using fraction walls to help us compare two fractions and decide which one is bigger. Next week, we will be finishing fractions and then starting time - can you practise telling the time with an adult at home? 

As part of our topic on plants, we have been finding out the ideal conditions for a plant to grow. We've planted some grass seeds and have put them in different conditions - cold, dark, sand, no water - keep checking for our results next week!

Finally, you may have noticed some singing practice going on at home! We are learning the song 'Beat It' as part of our Jubilee celebrations, as year 3 have the 1980s. It's a tricky song, so we'll be doing lots of practice over the next few weeks!

Award winners:

Juniper: Ivy, George, Michael

Mulberry: Orla, Jack, Daniel, Dylan

w/c 25.4.22

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What a hugely busy week we've had in Year 3! 

Tuesday culminated in our fantastic geography expo - it was incredible to see all of the hard work you had all put in to your South America projects. The level of detail and presentation was so impressive. We also enjoyed some food and dancing!

We've continued to work hard in maths, developing our knowledge of fractions to include finding fractions of amounts. Can you show your parents at home? 

We've also worked on our sales pitches and sold an underground habitat as part of our writing!

Finally, we had the perfect weather for our river walk. This helped to reinforce our geography learning on rivers and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Award winners:

Juniper: Davi, Lily, Isla H

Mulberry: Ruben, Gabriella, Bea, Jemima, Joel

Summer 1, Week 1

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What a fantastic and busy 4 days we've had!

It was wonderful to welcome the children back after a well-deserved break, and we wasted no time in sinking our teeth into our learning. We currently have a focus on active learning and we have used every opportunity possible to be active and move whilst we learn! 

We have been continuing our fractions module in maths, using lots of manipulatives (and sometimes even the children!) to represent unit and non-unit fractions, tenths, and whole numbers. As the weather has been so glorious, we couldn't resist the opportunity to go outside to do some of our learning, consolidating tenths. 

In geography, as part of our module on South America, we went on a hunt around the corridors looking for pictures of Rio de Janeiro and Leeds. We looked at some of the physical features of each city, focusing on what they share and what is different. 

D.T. was exciting this week as we finally made the prototypes of the biscuit packaging which we have been researching and designing over the past few weeks. We are continuing to use the iterative process to constantly evaluate our work to see what improvements we can make to our designs. 

In writing, the children have started a new unit on explanation texts, based on the book "The Street Beneath My Feet." We have been exploring some of the key features of this type of writing and analysing many examples in preparation to start writing our own.

What a great start to the term!

Award winners:

Mulberry - Bella, Seth, Maxwell

Juniper - Eloise, Bertie, Hadley

End of term!

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Well, we've made it to the end of the spring term and what a super term we've had in year 3!

During our last week, we have been continuing with our fractions work, using lots of resources to help us create halves, quarters and thirds. See if you can create any fractions at home!

We've also written some fantastic riddles - the teachers struggled to guess some of them!

In science we have continued to work on shadows and learned how to make shadows bigger and smaller! 

Finally, we finished the term off with an epic dance battle...hip hop dancers vs line dancers! We were so impressed with the routines that the children have been working on this half term.

From all the Year 3 team - Have a lovely holiday and we hope you all have a well deserved rest!

Awards winners:

Juniper: Mechan, Rocco, Andrew

Mulberry: Magnus, Arlo, Santi

Week 4, Spring 2

admin on: Year 3 blog

Wow, what a busy week we've had in year 3!

We discovered which 12 countries make up the continent of South America as part of our new module in geography, and we learnt which major bodies of water surround the continent. 

On Wednesday, it was World Maths Day and the children competed against children from across the world on Mathletics. We were all incredibly impressed with their perseverance and willingness to do super well. We then explored art using repeating patterns and geometry, creating our own in class. They are absolutely stunning! The children also did a treasure hunt around school, solving maths problems to reveal clues which would help them to access the treasure. We all had great fun and lots of learning was had by all.

The children have also been completing their independent writes in English, based on the book 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy.' We have been very impressed by how many children are using excellent year 3 language and writing techniques to ensure that their writing is as good as it can be. We have also had a presentation focus, and many of the children in both classes have risen to the challenge to make their work as neat as possible. 

We finished the week with lots of music! Ukuleles, singing and dancing in PE! What a fantastic way to end a brilliant week!

Award winners: 

Mulberry: Nia, Sophia and Seb

Juniper: Tim, Milliana and Molly

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