Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Y4 Rewind to Christmas at Emmanuel Church

On 5th December, Mrs Cooke took 22 year 4 pupils to Emmanuel Church to participate in a wonderfully festive morning of activities. Working alongside pupils from St Mary's Primary School, the children learnt about the Christmas story and were encouraged to make 'wonderings' about it. Please take a look at the fun we had.

Policy for Religious Education January 2019
At Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School our pupils are exposed to an information packed and diverse education in their Religious Education lessons. We learn about the world's faiths but most importantly we learn from them. Pupils experience celebrations from around the world, learn about holy books, rituals and places of worship to name a few. Our pupils are interested and respectful of all faiths, beliefs and ways of life through a full and varied curriculum taught using drama, videos, pictures, writing and most importantly hands-on experiences.
To enrich our learning we invite speakers in from different faiths and visit places of worship. In the past we have visited churches, mosques and gurdwaras. 
Leeds Agreed Syllabus