Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

At Horsforth Newlaithes, Design Technology is a subject that allows children to be creative, develop techniques and create innovative designs. Children have the opportunity to use a variety of materials, develop motor skills and learn new processes to develop products fit for purpose. Through an iterative process, we encourage children to persevere, believe in their abilities and ensure that they learn from setbacks. The subject allows children to appreciate inventions and develop understanding of how things work as well as teaching life skills like cooking.

Design Technology Essentials 

UserChildren should have a clear idea of who they are designing and making products for, considering their needs, wants, interests and preferences.

Purpose – Children should know what the products they design and make are for. Each product should perform a clearly defined task that can be evaluated in use.

Design Decisions – When designing and making, children need opportunities to make informed decisions such as selecting materials, components and techniques and deciding what form the products will take, how they will work, what task they will perform and who they are for.


InnovationWhen designing and making, children need some scope to be original with their thinking. Projects that encourage innovation lead to a range of design ideas and products being developed, characterised by engaging, open-ended starting points for children’s learning.

FunctionalityChildren should design and make products that function in some way to be successful. Products often combine aesthetic qualities with functional characteristics. In DT, it is insufficient for children to design and make products which are purely aesthetic.

AuthenticityChildren should design and make products that are believable, real and meaningful to themselves. For example, not replicas or reproductions or models which do not provide opportunities for children to make design decisions with clear users and purposes in mind.




Year 1 DT- designing and making planes
Year 1 pizza making October 2019
Year 3 sandwich making and packaging design- May 2019
Year 3 Anderson Shelters

Year 3 designed and made their own Anderson shelters after learning all about World War 2. They used this work to create some instructions based on their D.T work.

Y5 viking boats