Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Mini Mermaids

Newlaithes Mini Mermaids challenging themselves to run 5K at the Roundhay Park Run (guest appearances from Mr Dalrymple, Mrs Feltham, Mrs Blacoe and Mrs Boden!)

Mini Mermaids 5K challenge

Mini Mermaids 5K challenge Watch our Newlaithes Mermaids on their journey to achieve their 5k challenge!

Mini Mermaids is an after school running club for girls aged 5-14. The club's mission is to teach every girl to lead a healthy life by promoting self-worth, self esteem and confidence through learning to love movement and discovering that " the finish line is just the beginning"
Our current Newlaithes Mermaids are in year 4 and will have the opportunity to continue their Mermaid journey throughout the remainder of their time in the school. A new group of Newlaithes Mermaids will start their journey next year.
Please contact Mrs Boden for more information.