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Music videos by Mrs James' from Artforms

Please check these videos out as part of your Music home-learning: Hello Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5MOMIweMLk&list=PL6WV9wEVdssiXdUvNmFF-vxEdsVhzXvnR&index=1 KS2 Song 1: https://youtu.be/BWTXGjkLMy0 Both can be found on my ArtForms YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WV9wEVdssiXdUvNmFF-vxEdsVhzXvnR

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    Music Home Learning

    Please check out the 'Artforms' website for links to other websites for National Curriculum Music lessons/resources to use at home. https://artformsleeds.co.uk/home-learning-resources/curriculum-music-for-home-education/ There are also many resources on this website too for children learning to play instruments at home. This is a fun website for children to experiment with musical elements and try basic composing by clicking on the ‘song maker’ icon: https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ Thanks Mrs Cantwell

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      Here at Newlaithes we love to provide the children with as many musical opportunities as possible. In Key Stage Two children can learn to play an instrument with our peripatetic music teachers from ARTFORMS Leeds. We also have a school choir and orchestra for children in Key Stage Two who play an instrument.

      Children experience music lessons that focus around learning a genre of music and aquire skills to sing, accompany using instruments, compose, improvise and perform. Where possible music lessons will link to the topics studied in other areas of the curriculum, for example - Vikings. Right from Reception class children are encouraged to sing with the class to help enhance learning, as well as being provided with lots of opportunites to experiment with instruments and sound-making objects. In Key Stage One children may also choose an ILT project that has a musical focus to it such as designing and making a new musical instrument or composing a song and writing their own lyrics.

      Newlaithes is proud to offer high quality Christmas concerts - the Key Stage Two concert is performed in St Margarets church, Horsforth and then Reception, Year one and Year Two perform their own Christmas themed plays or extravaganzas in the school hall. They always leave us feeling very festive!

      The year six end of year production is always a chance for children to shine musically. Children can sing in solo and group performances as well as having children to accompany songs using our percussion instruments. 

      For any further queries about music at school please contact school and ask to speak to Mrs Cantwell.