Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Parental involvement is very important to our approach. We believe that parents need to be kept informed about what their child does at school and how they can help. Parents receive a weekly newsletter which outlines what the children have done that week and how they can support their child. In reception there is a whiteboard which outlines what has happened on a daily basis. This is because we are aware that our very youngest children often find it hard to share what they have doen with their adult - they have done so much where do you start?!
We have an open door policy and encourage parents to come in and help or come in and chat to the teacher at the start and/or end of the day.
We have regular parent helpers and visitors. Our parents are brilliant at sharing their skills and expertise with the children and us. We have had parents who have been key members of our imaginary communities - even the Lord Mayor and Lords of the Forest!
We encourage parents to share as much information as possible about their child to enable us to more closely match the learning to their child's interests and development needs. Parents are the childs first and most enduring educator and as such they have a wealth of information which can be used to support the child.
Parental Support

Our parents are very involved. We have parents helping on trips, in class and also supporting teaching and learning activities in the learning environment. We have even had parents being community members - adding richness to the community experience. We have regular celebration events which people attend. These events celebrate the children's successes. These are many and varied from art galleries, special event days like Pirate Day which are planned and organised by the children to events out of school like an afternoon out at Hyde Park Cinema for the World Première of the children's Plague Films!