Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

What are Projects?
Projects are a part of how children learn at Newlaithes. A project is when a group of children work together on something which is meaningful and important to them. This area is chosen after observations of deep and enduring interests. The adults will notice significant learning happening over a period of time and observe and record this. In association with other adults they will then discuss what has been observed and discuss possible lines of direction the learning could take. After an initial meeting with the children a direction is chosen and the group continue to meet and work on a shared goal of mutual importance. They are supported by an adult or adults to work on this goal. Projects can last days, weeks or even months sometimes.
Children work on projects in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Why Do We Teach Using Projects?
  • To develop the individual as a whole within a group context
  • To learn more about each child and meet their individual needs
  • To inspire creativity
  • To enable the children to have fun, enjoy their learning and see it as relevant to their lives
  • To enable the children to see how learning can be cascaded to others and how we learn from the people around us  
  • To enable children to think for themselves and to collaborate with others
  • To facilitate discovery and a thirst for knowledge
  • To develop their personal, social and emotional skills
  • To facilitate a sense of ownership and a sense of achievement
  • To develop life skills – collaboration, perseverance, problem solving, risk taking, resilience, negotiation etc.

As part of a baking project these girls are making buns with no adult help. I think you'll agree they manage very well!

Collaboration and support - well done girls!
What projects have we been doing?

There are photo here from a whole host of different projects. The themes have been chosen by the children. So far we have had sports projects where children have planned and designed games for the rest of the cohort, a Titanic lego project, a hand painting project and a few shows!