Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School


We have launched a competition for all children, to tie in with Healthy Living Week (22-26 June). Children can design a healthy lunchbox or a healthy school meal.

The winner of the school meal competition will get to work with Tina and their meal will be made, and put as one of the choices for school dinners!! If the winner usually takes packed lunch they will be able to have dinners that day and will get to eat their meal! 

The winner of the healthy packed lunch competition will win a prize from Sports Direct! 
Food Standards
When we toured the kitchen Tina gave us a copy of the food standards for school dinners. This explains what should and should not be served.

Did you know?
One or more portions of vegetables or salad should be served every day.
Desserts should be 50% fruit 2 or more times a week.
No more than 2 portions of battered food should be served every week.
Biscuits are allowed as long as there are no sweets on them.
No salt is allowed after the food has been cooked.

In mixed age groups we then picked out key bits of information and designed posters for each classroom, to help explain some of these standards to our classmates. 
Latest news!

In May we had the chance to get a tour of the kitchens. In small groups Tina showed us where the food is prepared and stored, and answered our questions about the food that is served. We have also met with Tina to discuss furure theme days, and the packed lunch children having the chance to pay for a school dinner on the days when there is a particular theme. We all really like this idea! 
We have 16 School Food Ambassadors, from years 2 - 6. In Spring term, children could apply to be an ambassador, and were interviewed for the roles!
There are different ways in which we help with school food.
  • We monitor the food that gets served. Is it the same as the menu?
  • We also look at the waste to see which meals are not as popular as others.
  • We listen to ideas of children about how to improve lunchtimes, including ways to make the eating area better.
  • We help children with tidying up, making sure food goes in the bin!

We meet with Mrs Atcheson, and also let the School Council know about what we have discussed, at our Council Meetings. 

We work closely with Tina and the kitchen staff, discussing the suggestions made by pupils. 

We spend a week each term monitoring our school dinners. It lets us see what foods are popular. We also check to see if the lunchtime rules are being followed. There are posters around school which we designed, reminding everyone what the rules are.  

Remember! Let us know if there is anything you would like us to do for you!