Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Recycling & Plastic Reduction Assembly
Recycling & Plastic Reduction Assembly

The Green Forum created and performed a very informative whole school assembly to explain how to use the recycling bins correctly in school and at home and why this is important. They also showed why we need to reduce the amount of plastic we use and what Refuse, Reuse, recycle means for us all.

Amazing Creations by Reception inspired by the Green Forum Assembly

After the Green Forum Assembly, the Reception classes used their Independent Learning Time to make their own amazing creations to do with recycling including a rubbish collecting robot, a recycle bin, a rubbish finding camera and a recycling robot.

Rubbish Horsforth

The Green Forum Collected rubbish from around Horsforth and then sorted it. We discovered that there was a lot of plastic waste particularly plastic bags.

Carbon Footprint

The Green Forum had a very interesting talk from Polly Cook who is Chief Officer, Sustainable Energy and Air Quality at Leeds City Council. We learnt about our carbon footprint, global warming and looked closely at the amount of energy we use as a school. This prompted lots of questions and fuel of thought about how we could work to reduce our carbon footprint. This represents an average person’s CO2 emissions per MONTH!

The Green Forum was formed in February 2015 to give all parties a voice in the green aspects of school life. We have teachers, children, parents and grandparents as members. We are supported by Sustrans. 

Since 2015 the Green Forum has worked really hard organising and publicising events to support sustainable travel and reduce the number of cars on the road.  

We have been rewarded for our hard work with a Gold Award from Mode Shift Stars. 

Elizabeth Powell