Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

The Big Green Draw 2020

This year, the theme of the Big Draw celebration was 'green'. We decided to link our artwork to our lovely school forest and let this natural resource inspire us. Each class took trips into the forest and everyone created some amazing artwork based on this. Reception- line drawing artwork inspired by Minnie Evans and artwork using natural resources and powder paint inspired by Andy Goldsworthy Year 1- Artwork inspired by Kandinsky. Colour mixing to create autumnal colours and patterns on bark. Year 2 - Looked at patterns in the forest. Their leaf pattern artwork was inspired by Yayoi Kusama and Chris Ofili. Year 3- Juniper- Natural sculpture work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy Mulberry- Mosaic work inspired by Alma known for her colourful abstract paintings. Year 4 - Stone age style printing and using natural paintbrushes Year 5- Autumnal artwork inspired by Georgia O Keefe Year 6- Artwork inspired by Paul Morrison who makes bold, black and white, fantastical drawings