Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Parental involvement is very important to us at Newlaithes. We believe that parents need to be kept informed about what their child does at school and how they can help.

Parents receive regular newsletters which outline what the children have done, what is coming up in their class and how they can support their child.

The website provides information to support parental understanding of how school operates and what is going on. There are videos to support the teaching of certain subjects which parents will find useful - maths in particular is an area where parents feel they like more support in the teaching of certain methods. 

Newlaithes has an open door policy and we encourage parents to come in and help or come in and chat to the teacher at the start or the end of the day.

We have regular parent helpers and visitors. Our parents are brilliant at sharing their skills and expertise with the children and us.

We encourage parents to share as much information as possible about their child to enable us to more closely match the learning to their child's interests and development needs. Parents are the child's first and most enduring educator and as such they have a wealth of information which can be used to support the child.