Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

We are a community school with extensive, well-cared for grounds, superbly located in a quiet part of Horsforth. The school building has recently undergone significant development and now offers fourteen classrooms; two halls which are fully equipped for PE, drama and assemblies; a well-stocked library and other learning spaces for smaller group work. Computers are located in corridors and classrooms and an ICT trolley stocked with thirty ipads complement the flexible delivery of ICT within the curriculum.

Most classrooms have wheelchair access and there is a toilet and washroom available for wheelchair users.

The school has a large grassed area, which is used for a variety of activities, and a large playground. We also have a delightful wildlife garden providing a variety of different habitats, including two ponds and a wealth of animal and plant life for the children to study at firsthand. There is also an allocated school garden where the Gardening Team have grown plants and vegetables which have been served up for lunch!

The school is used a great deal by the PTA and Brownies, as well as by other providers of drama and martial arts groups.

We are delighted to have introduced our very own out of school provision: Newlaithes Kids Club. This offers wrap around care: breakfast club and after school activities.  Please contact the school office for details.

Developing the Whole Child

A priority for our school is that every child develops into a spiritually and morally developed individual who will have a positive contribution to make to our community, now and in the future.

The current government offers guidance and suggests that schools should be "promoting British Values".  Horsforth Newlaithes Primary school is very proud of all that it does to encourage ALL pupils, regardless of race, ethnicity and background to become a better human being.

On a visit to our school and through talking to our pupils, we are confident that you will see evidence of children already well-equipped socially, morally and spiritually.

Our ‘communities’ work and Philosophy for Children activities are great mechanisms for developing self-esteem and confidence. Regular celebration assemblies recognise those children who have shown the right attitudes or skills to enhance or promote their learning behaviours.

Our behaviour system allows children to reflect on their own behaviour. Our assemblies are focused on making ourselves better people whether this is through a resolution approach to change or dealing with difficult situations.
Our active School Council is democratically elected and shares decisions with their peers within school and amongst other schools locally, to ensure the voice of every child is heard.

Every year we develop partnerships with a charity and raise money for their cause. So far this year we have raised money for Children in Need.

We are lucky that families from a number of different nationalities, languages and religions are associated with our school. All children are welcomed form a wide range of backgrounds. We value everyone's beliefs and are committed to ensuring that they feel valued. 

This year we will be working on Growth Mindsets so that pupils become more resilient learners who do not restrict their own learning. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.
We are also trying to develop mindfulness to help pupils become calm and focused on their own thoughts and emotions as a way of diffusing anxiety and tension.

Our pupils work together in many different groupings within all classes. Where possible our planning is responsive to the needs and requests of the children and develops a positive approach to learning.