Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Easter fun!

Team Pattern Island planned, designed and made an Easter treasure hunt for KS2. They loved it despite the windy weather! Pattern Island also had a go at designing some pattern creatures that live in their community.

Team Pattern Island Flag

The children used masking tape art to create a Team Pattern Island Flag.

Team Pattern Island Landmarks

The children thought about what landmarks there might be on the Island. They designed and made their own landmarks.

Pattern Island

The children have created characters and a community which we have been enjoying learning about. Each child created a puppet and together we made a backdrop of Pattern Island for our characters. A story started to develop and it was fun to start to create a story which the children named 'An Unlucky Day on Pattern Island'. Watch this space - the show will develop more in the coming days and we will be ready to perform! :)