Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Welcome to the Food Ambassadors area!

We are a group of pupils from KS2 who promote, educate and inform the rest of the school about food related stuff!

At the end of the academic year of 2019 we helped run a very successful Healthy Living week http://www.newlaithes.co.uk/page.php?id=10641

For the Autumn and Spring term we have been focussing on promoting meat free Monday throughout school. Although we have come up against some issues we feel we have done a great job educating our school about the massive benefits of going meat free just one day a week.
We have asked all pupils' their opinions on all aspects of this amazing trend and included all the pupils' favourite meat free school meals on the menus for the Spring term.
We have created a brilliant display board showing our survey results and informing pupils of the importance of this move forward.