Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

Linked in with our focus on Black History Month, all classes in school have produced some art work linked to their painting and drawing skills objectives. This work is displayed through school. In Reception, children heard the story of Rosa Parks and decided to create a bus where everyone is welcome! They focused on portraits and using the correct colours for skin, hair and facial features. Year 1 created Aboriginal art using dots to produce their pictures. In Year 2, children painted the rainbow and experimented with ways to mix the primary colours into secondary. They used their paintings to create a "Rainbow nation" inspired by Nelson Mandela. In Year 3, the focus was on portraits with the children creating pencil portraits of inspirational black figures. Year 4 explored Kente cloth, using paint to create patterns which they then cut up and weaved into another pattern. In Year 5, the children studied movement, layering different coloured sillouettes. They then made backgrounds inspired by artist Larry Poncho Brown, thinking about texture and how to get this into their work. Finally, in Year 6, the children looked at the portrait of President Obama by artist Kehinde Wiley. They focused on African patterns for the backgrounds for their own portraits.