Horsforth Newlaithes

Primary School

We had a brilliant Healthy Living Week 2019! It keeps getting better and better!

All Newlaithes pupils had a week of sports, healthy eating, and healthy mind learning. We gave the pupils a varied and hopefully different week experiencing some parts of keeping healthy that the pupils have not experienced before.

Every day pupils were invited to Wake up Shake up in the hall before school to get their bodies and brains ready for a busy day. Thanks to the pupils and Miss Bonthron who demonstrated the routines everyday.

All staff ran healthy extra curricular clubs over the week, all pupils could sign up for anything they fancied and a very wide range they were offered!

The Food Ambassadors started the week by visiting the Horsforth Community Cafe (formally the Junk Food Cafe) at St Margaret's Church. We started the morning by looking at the waste food that had been collected up by the cafe volunteers from local supermarkets. We were astonished by the amount! Everything has to be checked, logged and weighed which some willing FA were happy to do. The rest of us went and started preparing some fruit and veg for the lunch to be served that day. We prepared the tables and food and made sure we were ready to waitress as soon as the cafe opened. We had a great time and loved seeing the hungry residents of Horsforth eating the food we had helped prepare and pay as they feel.

That afternoon the FA ran a whole school assembly to launch the week. We used our drama skills to promote being a healthy pupil versus an unhealthy pupil. Addressing the importance of eating breakfast, a healthy lunch and getting enough sleep.

On Tuesday school was visited by the Community Champion from Morrisons. Every year group was treated to some delicious fruit tasting and learning about seasonality. They also challenged the pupils to design a healthy pizza. The winner got to visit Morrisons, get their pizza design made and have a 'behind the scenes' tour! Well done Jake in Year 4 who was the lucky winner.

Mr Dalrymple showcased his cooking skills to KS2! He set up his own kitchen area in the small hall and invited each KS 2 year group to come and watch him cook a healthy lasagne with the hope that some pupils would recreate his dish at home. We loved watching (and some helping) and really enjoyed tasting the delicious end product!

Mrs Bisco was very kind and brought Carrie (her therapy dog) into school on Tuesday morning. Some very lucky pupils got chance to read to Carrie and brush her. Carrie reported back on the excellent care and attention she was given by the pupils! Thank you Mrs Bisco.

The Sports Leaders and Ellis ran events all day for all pupils in school throughout the day. Every pupil got to run, jump and challenge themselves to improving their sporting techniques.

The Food Ambassadors spent the morning doing the Pass it on challenge in KS1. The aim of the challenge is for a recipe to be 'passed on'. The FA made healthy turkey meatballs in front of 6 classes throughout the morning. So 8 pupils taught 182 pupils how to make turkey meatballs! Hopefully the pupils can then make them at home and not only be able to make a healthy meal but could 'pass on' the recipe to someone else. The Food Ambassadors did a great job of explaining how they learnt to make it and then let every pupil have a taste! We would love you to have a go at home, if you do please send us a photo! The recipes and PPT are on the Food Ambassadors section of this website.

In the afternoon Redwood and Eucalyptus got an exciting new experience - making sushi! A very kind parent donated her time and expertise teaching the pupils to make vegetarian sushi. The pupils loved the experience and learnt lots about healthy eating and got to taste their creations!
Thank you Meiko Wakabayashi.

After school we were very lucky to run a waste food event with the support of the Community Cafe Horsforth. The school hall was buzzing with a pay as you feel stall for waste food; a waste food quiz; pay as you feel cafe serving drinks and cakes and a fruit kebab and smoothie stall. It was a brilliant event, that could not have taken place without the support of Penny and Deborah. We made a lot of pupils and parents aware of the scary statistics about waste food that goes to landfill every week.

Meiko returned to us on Thursday to work with KS1 making smoothies with matcha topping. The pupils were taught about the health benefits of matcha and then made a smoothie with the added goodness of matcha. The pupils really enjoyed it. 
Thanks you again Meiko.

Year 3 and 4 were visited by another parent who taught the pupils about their posture. It is an everyday occurrence for us to be slouched over an electronical device and pupils looked at how they should sit and lengths of time they should be doing it.
Thank you Mrs Jones.

Another parent, who also lectures at Leeds Beckett University, brought in some students and visited every class in school to teach them about healthy eating. The pupils in KS1 learnt about feeling full and healthy choices through the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and in KS2 the pupils leant about healthy eating and making good snack choices. 
Thank you Kate Austin.

In the morning Years 4 and 5 were treated to fantastic yoga sessions with Sian from Mind, Body and Heart .
The pupils learnt some relaxing and stretching yoga moves and ended their week calmly. 

In the afternoon some parents gave up their time to come and do some yoga sessions with some KS1 classes. 

The Food Ambassadors were so pleased with everyone's effort throughout school they did a 'names out of the hat' competition. The lucky winners in KS1 received passes to Kids Club House in Horsforth and in KS2 the lucky class won a visit to Pizza Express! 

An amazing week made possible by the support of some amazing parents, teachers and support staff. Thank you to everyone for making Healthy Living Week 2019 the best yet!